The Struggle for Content Creators: Navigating YouTube's Unfriendly Waters

Discover the challenges faced by content creators on YouTube, including strikes and inconsistent policy enforcement.

Youtube is not a friendly space for content creators

Dear members,

Unfortunately, today, 24th of November 2022, YouTube has issued a Strike against our YouTube channel, and we cannot upload any new content for 1 week, and we are not likely going to upload any new content to our YouTube channel unless we find a solution to it.

What happened?

On the 22nd of November 2022, YouTube has removed a video we uploaded called:

[Betting Strategy] Martingale Calculator

You can watch the video itself here and judge it for yourself:

Just to compare, YouTube has a lot of similar videos on its website, for example: [132k Views] [13k Views] [18K Views] [19K Views]

If you search on YouTube for terms such as “ Betting Strategy” and more you would find so many available videos on YouTube!

But YouTube decided our video violates their Terms & Conditions because it promotes other gambling sites - as if the 4 examples above don’t do the same thing! (and as mentioned - there are hundreds of examples, not just 4).

Today, on the 24th of November 2022, they flagged another video we uploaded 2 weeks ago about our new faucet called

You can watch the video yourself and see what it is about:

Accordingly, they claimed the same thing - that this video promotes gambling but as you can see - this is firstly a faucet, and secondly, there are so many videos about BetFury on YouTube if that’s what they were referring to, just for example: [797K Views] [128K Views] [57K Views] [25K Views]

So apparently, our video violates their T&C whilst other videos don’t.

Youtube sucks and we'll give it one last chance

For us it's far easier to use platforms such as Twitter, Telegram and Instagram to upload content for our users, but we want it to make it more fun as well, but it seems like YouTube is so strict, that we have almost no intention to use them, but we'll give them one last chance before dumping them out.

Would you like to tell YouTube your opinion about this?

You can reach out to YouTube on Twitter:

You don't have to, but if the crypto community wants to tell YouTube what they think about them - by all means go for it. We hope in the future there would be better alternatives to YouTube so we could upload our content there instead of relying on a platform that is destined to failure in the near future if it won't change its policies towards its content creators.